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Would you believe it? I used to farm ostriches and emus. I started a small farm fresh out of high school, bought a breeding pair of ostriches, and expanded to include emus and even rheas. I sold young chicks and fertilized eggs. However, after almost a decade, the meat market never did take off like I had expected, and after trying to capture an ostrich ‘on-the-lamb’ a couple of times, it was time to try something different.

I signed up in an appraisal program at Sauder School of Business, and headed north to the cabin. I was there for a couple of years, completed a year of appraisal courses, real property assessment courses, and property management. The plan was to become an appraiser, but getting through my courses, I began to feel that sales would be better suited to me. I wrapped up my studies with the saleperson’s course, and came back to town.

Licensed in 2008 and never looked back. I love what I do, and have taken my internet marketing to an epic level. Without formal training in building websites, there was a learning curve in building these, but something you learn at Sauder is that all you need are a few good books. So, to the book store I went and I learned how to build websites from scratch. My first website was MegaSite™, a big monster super-site. Eventually, I embraced WordPress and built a handful of niche websites, such as this Hot New Listings website.

I am a collaborator, enjoying to work well with others. Negotiating is my strength, stemming from my education and years of experience in local Real Estate market. I frequently will partner up with someone to expand my marketing reach on listings tp ensure that the property always has an agent to show it, and that as many people as possible can find the listing.

This work is demanding, it never stop for coffee breaks. It keeps me very busy, but I always make sure to take the time to rest. Cycling is my cathartic activity, I really love it and always have. In fact, I think I will go for a ride right now.


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