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This website is great for browsing, but some properties may not be available for public view. You can LOGIN to see all listings, to get listings a little bit faster, and get all the property data. The data is extensive, including room sizes and listing date. Please do keep in mind that this website is marketing all listings on the MLS®, not only our listings.

If you do not have an agent, you can make inquiries about any property directly through me, either through the listing on my website, or by phone, voicemail, or text. With your inquiry, please do leave me your name and a number where i can reach you. If you are working with an agent, your inquiries should go through your agent, but it is fine to browse listings on my website.


The Buying Process

Once you have chosen a Buyers’ Agent, the process can begin. You may or may not have already been looking at homes, it is not necessary for you to have done anything before meeting with me, I can be apart of your first step.

With homes, as with condos, it is important to know the neighbourhoods, I can help with that, particularly if you are moving to Metro Vancouver from out of town.

Strata properties such as condos and townhomes have many issues to look into, some of which include the building’s by-law restrictions and condition of the building. If you want a pet, we have to make sure one is allowed, if you want to rent it out, it must allow rentals. I will help sort all this out. Keep in mind when buying condos, that you are most likely only assured of the long-term ability to rent out your condo unit if you buy from the developer. If you buy a flip, you are not buying from the developer, even if it has not been lived in. If it is the case that you are buying a new unit from someone who bought from the developer, then you will most likely be bound by any changes to bylaws going forward. This can mean that if you bought your unit as an investment with the intent to rent it out, it is possible that, at the first Annual General Meeting, the owners could collectively vote to impose rental restrictions. These restrictions will effect you. If your unit is currently rented, that would be fine, but it is possible that you may not be able to re-rent the unit once the current tenant leaves. Be careful…

Buying directly from the developer, through a REALTOR® of course, should afford you some protection from bylaw changes, but only with regard to pets and rentals. If you are looking at condos, you may have noticed pets in a building that does not allow pets, if you ask, you may be told “that is an original owner”. If you are buying from a developer, it is still prudent to use the services of a REALTOR®. An employee of the Developer will not have explained to you anything that you have read above, and may not be aware of how bylaws might affect you. We are insured, if you go directly to the developer, you are not insured. We can start by getting a copy of the developer’s custom purchase contracts, and ensuring that everything is in proper order on your end. Your reasons for purchasing will effect what we look at in the contract, but you may want to know if the contract can be assigned, or not. In a fast moving market, a purchaser often wishes to assign their purchase contract when faced with someone who is offering them more than they are already paying. This in perfectly legal, but may be restricted in the developers purchase agreement, which may make it impossible. However, it may also just require that you pay them a fee, or perhaps they may wish to handle the assignment themselves. This is in their contract, which you can also review with a lawyer, once obtained. Don’t be shy, you need a REALTOR®.

I will explain the offer process. There will not be many surprises if we start off on the correct foot.


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